Game Book Giveaway in Disneyland Resort

Nancy Temple Rodrigue was in the "Disneyland Resort" in Anaheim, California, giving away Game Books.

Nancy Temple Rodrigue was in the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA
Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

She stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel.

This visit to the park was preparation for the ESPN Zone Hoopla, where she spoke to fans about the Hidden Mickey books.
Fans that found Nancy by locating her Hidden Mickey Flag won their own"HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES in Disneyland", or "HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES in Disney California Adventure" Game book, and they had fun Finding the Hidden Mickeys and doing the Games and Quests afterward!

Fans that spot this Hidden Mickey Flag WIN a 'HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES: in Disneyland' or 'HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES: in Disney California Adventure' Game Book.
The Hidden Mickey Flag

If you couldn’t make it, no problem, just go to the Hidden Mickey Fan Club page on Facebook and "Like" the Fan Club to be entered in the contest to WIN your own Game book!

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