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Pirates of the Caribbean Secrets


Hidden Mickey Artwork

Pirates of the Caribbean Secrets
By David W. Smith

Pirates of the Caribbean Secrets

Hello all you Hidden Mickey Fans!

Like our Hidden Mickey novels, we hope to inspire some adventure in our readers; consider it a ‘quest’ to decipher some ‘inside’ information about Disneyland and things related to Disney.


Hidden Mickey novels are available in Hardback paperback and eBook

Because there are some scenes in Hidden Mickey that take place on Pirates of the Caribbean, I thought it would be interesting to share some inside information about the ride. While working the ride for three years (1981 ‘ 1984), I found there were many elements of the ride, which I become familiar with, and found interesting; some of which I want to share with you here.


Regular visitors on the ride no doubt know that there are several infrared cameras throughout the ride. These cameras serve several purposes: One, they are to make sure guests are remaining seated throughout the ride and especially on the two ‘waterfalls’ and the ending ‘up-ramp’ where the boats are moving at sharp angles and at different speeds. Two, they are to make sure the boats don’t back up in a section of the ride. On rare occasions, a boat’s guide wheel will jump the ride flume, (either because of a improperly balanced load of guests or if a boat was rocking due to guests leaning side to side). Three, the use of flash pictures is discouraged due to the blinding light the flash produces for other guests. These flashes show up like nuclear bombs going of on the television monitors that feed the infrared camera images to the cast member who is working the ‘Tower’. (The Tower is the dispatch booth above the load and unload dock which one cast member is responsible for dispatching the boats after receiving a ‘green light’ by the unload host who signals that the boats are loaded an the guests are seated properly by pressing a button on the underside of the handrail on the unload side of the dock.) Also, if people are reaching outside to boat to splash one another, this could potentially harm a guest if the boat were to bump up against the ride flume at the wrong time, possibly pinching the guest’s fingers painfully! Guests who are taking pictures or splashing will usually initiate a loud speaker announcement directed to that particular part of the ride asking for the individuals to resist either/or. The Tower operator has various buttons that direct the speaker to that part of he ride he can see within the range of the infrared camera image.


Hidden Mickey novels are available in Hardback paperback and eBook

Transition Tunnel

Many people believe that the rides at Disneyland go ‘underground.’ Well, this is a slight misnomer. Actually, because parts of Disneyland are built higher than the main entrance level, (yes, you are actually walking slightly up hill as you go up Main Street and head into Adventureland and Frontierland. Thus, when you go down the ‘waterfalls’ on Pirates, or go down in the ‘Stretching Room’ on Haunted Mansion, you are actually going down to ‘street level’ of the park. If you look behind the Disneyland Tram loading station in Downtown Disney, you will see several very large buildings behind the vine-decorated fences. These are the Ride Buildings that house Pirates, Indiana Jones, and Haunted Mansion.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is such a large show that there are actually two Ride Buildings that house all the scenes below Park level. As your boat leaves the Treasure scene on Pirates you enter a dark, low tunnel that lets out in the large open area where the large pirate ship is having a shootout with the fort on the opposite side of the room. The dark tunnel that separates the treasure room from the fight scene between the ship and fort is called the ‘Transition Tunnel”it basically is the connecting tunnel that moves the boats from the first Ride Building to the second.

Well… that’s it for this issue…
Enjoy, and have a Magical Hidden Mickey Day!


Future Book Signings

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If you don’t see HIDDEN MICKEY in your local bookstore, please ask the Store Manager to order it, or contact us with the Bookstore name & address, Managers name, (plus their Phone and/or eMail if possible). We will contact them and maybe even set up a Book Signing there.


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When You Wish

This newest release is volume 5 in the Hidden Mickey Adventures series, the book you have all been waiting for… action… adventure… and mystery surrounds Walt Disney and Wolf as they interact with Peter Brentwood in this 5th Disneyland clue-solving adventure.

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As with all the other Hidden Mickey Adventures, this book was written for Adults, Teens, & Tweens (age 9 & up).


When tragedy strikes, Adam and Beth find it more and more difficult to believe in miracles. Will their family ever be whole again?


Peter, still hurt and angry by the treatment he received at the hands of Nimue, is handed a special message. It is from Walt Disney himself. Can Peter get back his love for Disneyland and fulfill his special Hidden Mickey quest? Or will the absence of his partner be too much for him?


Walt exacts a promise from Wolf in exchange for his help. Wolf vowed never to take him on such a dangerous journey. Who will win this ultimate battle of wills?


Disneyland now and in the future is the backdrop for this exciting tale of hopes, dreams, and discovery. When You Wish unites families and friends as they work together to keep the Disney magic alive both for themselves and for Walt s legacy.

Another “E-Ticket” ride through Disney’s history.


As you can see from the cover, Peter appears to be in the set of the Jungle Cruise Attraction at Disneyland.  Wolf seems to be lurking in the distance, keeping a watchful eye on things.  Why is Peter there at the Rhino scene? What could he possibly be looking for? Will he be caught when a Jungle Cruise captain catches a glimpse of a boy in a place he is not supposed to be? The answers to these questions, and many more, are answered as you are once again immersed in this fun fantastical Disneyland adventure that picks up right where the last book HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES 4: Revenge of the Wolf left off, and brings you back to what happened to Lance in HIDDEN MICKEY 1: Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell tales and HIDDEN MICKEY 2: It All Started… so hang on to your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Get a Signed copy at Los Angeles Times Festival of Books or D23 Expo.

If you can’t make it to those venues, this adventure is available in Hardcover edition, paperback edition, and eBook formats, from, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, and many many other Bookstores and online retailers.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade 4.1 – Flesch Reading Ease 83.6

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Hidden Mickey: Sometimes Dead Men Do Tell Tales!

Nancy & Dave at Disney's D-23 Expo 2011
Nancy & Dave at Disney’s D-23 Expo 2011

Watch the Video

What would you do if you found Walt Disney’s long-lost diary hidden somewhere in Disneyland? What if it gave a cryptic clue and hinted at a treasure that only those who followed the clue – and the ones to come – could find? Would you drop what you were doing and immediately get to work? Would you put your life on hold as you got deeper into the mystery that the Master Storyteller had put into place over 40 years earlier? What if your friendships were put to the test, possibly strained to the breaking point?

These are the dilemmas facing the heroes of the first novel: Hidden Mickey: Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales! While on a group road rally at Disneyland, Adam and Lance stumble upon Walt’s diary hidden somewhere inside Walt’s apartment over the Fire Station on Main Street. What they do next is the start of a fun-filled, elaborate chase as they track down the clues Walt himself had put into place so many years ago.

Adam, Lance, and, later, Adam’s ex-girlfriend Beth, find themselves face-to-face with condemned buildings, privately-owned property, a missing Studio, glassed-in displays at Disneyland, and darkened warehouses. Adam, the moral compass, points out that what they are doing would be considered “breaking and entering.” Lance, who brushes caution aside with a flick of his hand, suggests to Adam that, “since they didn’t break anything, wouldn’t it just be termed ‘entering’?” Perhaps it will take the family of lawyers behind Lance to get them out of trouble. Too bad he isn’t on speaking terms with any of them…. And Beth, her heart still broken after five long years, with her vast Disney knowledge, struggles to help in any way she can without further damage to her fragile feelings. Can bridges be mended after so many years?

What about you? Do you know a lot about Walt’s history? I designed the story so that many of the chapters end with the next clue. If you want to make Hidden Mickey: Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales! more of a challenge, see if you can figure out where Adam, Lance, and Beth need to go next before you turn the page.

The places they visit are right out of Walt’s life. Through flashbacks, you will even meet Walt himself as he either puts the clue into place, or visits at some point in his life. This way Walt can be the hero of his own story!

I hope you will come along with Adam, Lance, and Beth on this fascinating journey and come to see the Happiest Place on Earth in a whole new light!

All the Hidden Mickey and Hidden Mickey Adventures novels can be found at, Barnes Noble, and my own web site at

Tales From The Mouse House Ep 96 – Podcast Sunday July 20th, 2014

Welcome to Tales From The Mouse House Disneyland podcast, Episode 96!!

Happy 59th Birthday Disneyland!!!!!!

On this extra special episode, Al and Joyce share a great conversation with friend and author of the Hidden Mickey Adventure novels, Nancy Temple Rodrigue!
Nancy shares news about her latest installment of the series, from her booth at the 2014 Disneyana Event near Disneyland!

Click to Watch the Podcast – Tales from the Mouse House, Episode 96

Nancy with the world famous 'Gold Mickey'
Nancy with the world famous ‘Gold Mickey’
Nancy Temple Rodrigue, and her husband Russ, at the Disneyana Mania Expo July 20, 2014
Nancy Temple Rodrigue, and her husband Russ, at the Disneyana Mania Expo July 20, 2014

As always, If you’d like to send in comments for the show, you can send us an email to, leave us voicemail on the Hotline at 304-TALES23, leave us feedback in iTunes or leave comments for us on our Twitter account @talespodcast. Heck, you can even find us on FaceBook, just search for Tales From The House House – Disneyland podcast!

Thanks for making us part of your Disney experience and remember…

“Make It A Mickey Day!” ~~ Al & Joyce

Game Book Giveaway in Disneyland Resort

Nancy Temple Rodrigue was in the "Disneyland Resort" in Anaheim, California, giving away Game Books.

Nancy Temple Rodrigue was in the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA
Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

She stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel.

This visit to the park was preparation for the ESPN Zone Hoopla, where she spoke to fans about the Hidden Mickey books.
Fans that found Nancy by locating her Hidden Mickey Flag won their own"HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES in Disneyland", or "HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES in Disney California Adventure" Game book, and they had fun Finding the Hidden Mickeys and doing the Games and Quests afterward!

Fans that spot this Hidden Mickey Flag WIN a 'HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES: in Disneyland' or 'HIDDEN MICKEY ADVENTURES: in Disney California Adventure' Game Book.
The Hidden Mickey Flag

If you couldn’t make it, no problem, just go to the Hidden Mickey Fan Club page on Facebook and "Like" the Fan Club to be entered in the contest to WIN your own Game book!

Get all the Hidden Mickey novels and Game Books by clicking here.